Calculator Ink Rollers Black & Red IR-40T 2pk

Calculator Ink Rollers Black & Red IR-40T 2pk


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  • SRU-40T
  • AT&T: AT-360
  • Canon®: P-15D, 22D, 22DH, 22DX, 32D, P23-DH
  • Casio®: FR100LC, FR110, F110HT, FR110S, FR120C, FR125, FR125S, FR127, FR520, FR2215C, FR2215S, FR2560A, FR2600, FR2650, FR2650A, FR2650Plus, HR18, HR100LC, HR100T, HR100TE, HR100TEPlus, HR110, HR110S, HR120T, HR150LC, HR150TEPlus, HR150TM
  • Ibico: 1212
  • Sharp: EL-1801V, EL-114, 1620, 1620S, 1626, 1630, 2620, 2620S, 2626, VX1612, 1614, EL-1850P
  • Panasonic: JE 651P, JE 656P, JE 659P, JE 661P, JE 680, JE 680P, JE 765P.
  • Staples: SPL-P500, BD-210TS
  • Texas Instruments: TI-5035, 5045, 5045 II
  • Victor 1297


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