Cross Cut Shredder 15 Sheet

Cross Cut Shredder 15 Sheet


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The Royal Consumer 1510MX shredder is ideal for personal office or home use. This cross-cut shredder can manually shred up to 15-sheets of paper at a time; with or without staples. The auto start/stop feature automatically starts shredding paper when inserted and automatically stops when finished.

For individual usage
Manual sheet capacity: 15
Run/cool down time: 10/30
Quiet operation (65 dB)
18.9L (5 gal.) bin capacity
Security Level P-4 size cross-cut shred size: 0.15 cm x 1.25 cm (0.5 in. x 0.5 in.)
Dual windows to indicate waste level
Shreds: paper, staples, credit cards, CD’s and DVD’s


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